The Perfect Portrait Photography


portrait photographyIs it impossible to shoot your clients who have never done portrait photography before like a model?

The answer is yes! As long as you know how to bring out the best angle and light out of your client, it’s very doable. Cause we’re all actually amazing just the way we are, with the right photographer and lighting, that is.

While this might be a motivation for you, you can also motivate your clients who might have problems with self-confidence after you are convinced enough that you can shoot them like a pro.

No one is born ugly… at least most people

Most of the people in the world are never born ugly, or at least, they can look so much better through your camera lens. Some of us have that one angle that we know we look better with. But many never bothered to find theirs. When that happens, it’s up to you to figure it out with your photographer’s eyes.

It’s firstly, of course, experimental. You will have to test shoot several times and compare which one looks better. After you know this, it’s time to play with your creativity!

Use natural light as much as possible

As much as possible, try not to light things up with your flash. If you’re shooting outdoor, make use of the natural light and reflectors. Learning what different colors of reflectors can do to your subject is also important. Most photographers opt for a white or silver reflector to bounce back natural, white color. Silver, however, tend to be shiny and is a stronger reflector, while white will bounce back a more natural and ‘damp’ white.

Learning from the expert

Observing the pictures of pros, like www.alanhutchison.co.uk, who also do portrait photography will help a lot in terms of posing and lighting. There’s no need for you to follow their techniques, but rather, learn something from why they take pictures in a certain way. Utilize what you have to achieve the same quality and try to develop a better way from what you’ve learned.

Learn about modeling

If your client is not able to pose, then maybe you can give them one or two quick tips to help them act or enhance their confidence. To do this, you will want to learn the basic stuff of modeling and motivation. Helping and giving them directions as to how to act can only be achieved when you at least know a thing or two about it.

Pay attention to small details

Various small details from the cracks on the staircase to the embroidery on your clients’ dresses can become the focus of the camera. Instead of constantly trying to get a clear image of your subjects, put them in the background instead and create a nice bokeh.

This is just one among many methods you can use in switching your focus to the things around your subject. There’s nothing wrong with exploring new ways of doing portrait photography like this and in fact, they can be your strongest selling point!

Finally, don’t stop telling your client that they look good and awesome and don’t hesitate when you say that! You want them to be able to smile confidently to the camera despite what they might have felt before and how people look at them.


Posing For A Portrait Photo Shoot As A Non-Model


Pose your hair.

photographers in chicagoIt depends on what time of hair you have, what length, what texture, what your face shape is, and so on and so forth. It will always be different depending on the subject who is posing for the camera. There is no blanket approach when it comes to something like this so make sure that you give your hair and its coif and placement pretty much the same amount of time and attention that you have been giving out to your makeup as well as to the outfits that you are planning to wear for the photo session one way or the other. The hair can really affect the way that you look overall. If you are still a bit sceptical when it comes to things like this, just imagine a very pretty looking woman posing in a relaxed position on a lounge chair. Now, imagine that woman completely bald or imagine her with an unruly bedhead. It just ruins the illusion altogether and it dispels the mystery of what could have possibly happen had you taken the time to pay attention to how your hair looks like during that day in the first place.

Pull your chin forward.

No matter what you do, don’t make the mistake of tilting your head back. You might probably think that throwing your head back will give you the notion of looking sexy and appealing but this is something that can actually turn out to be a complete antithesis of it and this is why your best bet of getting your photographers in Chicago in shoot great looking photos of you during the portrait photography session is for you to have the initiative to hide your underchin a little bit, if only for photo purposes. You will be glad that you took the time and the effort to go ahead and tuck your chin in one way or the other. No one looks flattering with an evil looking double chin and you are bound to have one if you don’t start paying attention to how your head is positioned during the portrait photo shoot. Your photographers in Chicago will tell you just as much.

Creative negative space between arms and torso.

Remember to always detach your arms from your torso when you are posing for a portrait photo shoot. When the arms are by the sides of your body, they tend to look squished and fatter than they really are and this is why you need to bend the arms a little so that there is some negative space around it. In turn, it makes your arms look slimmer and leaner than ever. Listen to what your photographers in Chicago have to tell you as well as they are far more experienced in posing you.

Turn your shoulders.

This will give you the illusion of a slimmer profile and silhouette; something that every female subject should keep in mind all the time when planning to get their portrait shots taken.


How To Pose For A Newcastle Based Portrait Photo Shoot


Newcastle portrait photo shootYour Newcastle based portrait photographer will only be able to help you out so much during the portrait photo shoot if you don’t know how to pose yourself the right way. You need to make sure that you will be able to know how to position yourself and come out looking great in the portrait photos that are being shot of you one way or the other. Here are a few elements or variables that will get to help you out in getting things checked out the right way for the portrait photo shoot. Your Newcastle based portrait photographer will never be able to thank you enough in ensuring that you are equipped with all of the right info and knowledge for posing for the portrait photo shoot that is being planned out.

A strategic turn 2/3 of the way will make all of the difference in the world.

This can really affect the way that you end up looking in the portrait shots that are being taken of you. the reason why the camera can have you gain 10 pounds just like that is because of the fact that you end up facing the camera full on and cut out the rest of the environment around you. You certainly would not want to end up doing anything like that at all. This can mess up the mechanics for your portrait shots and you ought to really try to go ahead and get this fixed as soon as you possibly can. Whenever you find yourself having to pose for the photos, try to turn two thirds of the way. You will see that your profile will come out looking so much slimmer because you aren’t consuming the picture from frame to frame. This is the perfect cheap for getting portrait shots taken and you will have so much better results from them as well.

Try to opt out of using your hands during the portrait photo shoot.

This probably isn’t something that you will know about right off the bat but the truth is that your hand will normally turn out to be so much bigger than your face, or probably even just as big as your face. You wouldn’t want the camera to highlight that in the photos that the photographer takes of you. Photographers asking their subjects to go ahead and pose with their hands up in the air can really have that old fashioned kind of take on things and this is why you should avoid it as much as possible. Most of the time, a modern Newcastle based portrait photographer probably won’t even ask you to do it but then again, it pays if you just know right off the bat that you should avoid doing it just in case.

Keep your chin down as much as possible.

Believe it or not, there is nothing flattering about the photographer and the camera seeing up your nose, mouth, and probably a little bit of your double chin. Just make it a point to not lean back as much as possible and things should work out in your favor.