Wedding Photography Fine Print: Did You Read Them?


wedding photographer KentFine print is the small texts that people use to include details on the statement up there. They are often deemed as excluding cases that are not worth to be mentioned in the main text by the writer. But for you, it can mean a big difference!

Before signing the contract with your wedding photographer Kent, notice how fine print can make such a big difference?

Changing photographer

In the contract, it might have been stated that your photographer is going to be the person that you’ve requested. Yet, there’s a possibility that the fine print states that otherwise can happen shall the photographer cannot show up. The reason for not showing up is not stated clearly, yet it’s clear that anyone can substitute the main photographer.

Make sure that he doesn’t use that statement on the fine print and use insignificant reasons just to send an assistant instead of coming himself to the party to take your pictures.

Puts you at disadvantaging position

There is also a chance that you’re given a bad position as the client. Whereas others have their freedom to speak out about the pictures they got, your contract might be stating that you cannot do so. Your photographer then proceeds to show you in detail about it after you received the pictures.

Fear not for this actually won’t work well when brought to the court. No one has the right to silence you from speaking out your honest opinions. But it’s better than your wedding photographer Kent doesn’t even try to do so and act professional like www.pennyyoungphotography.com.

Copyright details

Before you proceed to sign with the photographer, never forget to ask about the copyright. Most photographers don’t hand over the copyrights of the pictures to the clients. Some are willing to sell them at a high cost, reasoning that it’s equal to their potential profit if they had owned it.

The fine print may have details regarding the copyright, such as who will become the owner and what are the rights of the clients. If you accidentally did something with the picture that is not allowed, your photographer has the right to sue you.

On the other hand, you can negotiate before this about it. You can try getting part of the rights and see how much your photographer is willing to sell it. On the other hand, you can leave it so because there’s a very small chance that your wedding pictures will be monetized from it. You also only need to find the photographer back if you lose your pictures.

Other details

There are also other details to pay attention to, such as whether they demand dinner meals or other additional expenses. Pay attention that asking your photographer to work the extra hours would mean adding hundreds of dollars into the bill. Special requests can mean extra charges that are already stated in the contract.

Be sure that you read your wedding photographer Kent contract carefully and pay attention to all the fine prints. They often contain very important details you don’t want to miss out.


Why Check The Portfolio Of a Kent Wedding Photographer


Assess portfolio

Kent wedding photographyAlways assess the portfolio of a professional wedding photographer before you make the decision to hire him officially for your wedding. When you are scrutinizing someone’s work before you even get to the point wherein you are already seeing him in person and asking him questions, it gives you the advantage of an unbiased opinion and it is the type of thing that will really get to mean all of the difference in the world for as far as booking someone is concerned. Judge someone based on his previous works and you can never go wrong. Let his handiwork speak for him and make sure that you actually get to take a closer look at all of them. There are a lot of things that you can identify and determine about a professional wedding photographer if you only look at his portfolio closely enough.

Know the photography styles

You will be able to see what photography style he tends to prefer the most and what he tends to gravitate towards at the end of the day. You will also be able to see what kind of substance and sense of story he is able to bring into his shots. You get to decide on whether his composition and attention to detail is worth a second look in the first place, among a bunch of other things that you can possibly take a look at when it all comes down to it. Get this checked out and you will see how things look like by and large. The portfolio of a Kent wedding photographer can give you a glimpse into what your wedding photos might end up looking like if you do decide to book him somewhere down the road. Sure, it will take time having to review the works of people one by one but you will see that it will be time well spent and worth investing in at the end of the day.

Ask if there’s an engagement shoot.

Ask your professional wedding photographer if he will be able to give out an engagement slideshow that you can go ahead and make use of and show out to your guests during the reception party of the wedding. This isn’t a lot to ask especially when the Kent wedding photography package he is offering out to you already includes an engagement photo shoot in the first place. He just needs to arrange them in a slideshow setting and maybe put in some background music and it should be good to go. This is a great addition to the products and services that you ought to be getting as a client and something that most of the wedding photographers out there will be more than happy to give out as an add on service.

You are entitled to this and try to make sure that this is hammered out before you even sign the agreement with the Kent wedding photographer just so that you don’t happen to come across any issues somewhere along the way. If there is anything else that you might want to ask from your professional wedding photographer, ask ahead of time so that everyone’s expectations are managed the right way as much as possible.