When to Expect Your Photographs Back from Your Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire


wedding photographer Hertfordshire Really, it’s not that people don’t know that it takes time to give professional edits on the pictures, but how long exactly do I have to wait?

Almost every bride asks this question and it’s really hard to be patient about it. Part of the event is to get the pictures back from your wedding photographer Hertfordshire. And guess what, the wait is so worth it!

From 3-12 weeks

The typical turnaround time for photographers is 3 weeks to 4 months long, depending on many factors. Editing a single picture alone can take a few hours because photographers cannot work on them half-assed – it’s a really important picture that you can’t recreate anymore. Several photographers can take much longer, so it’s best to ask your photographer on his common turnaround rate!

You also need to consider how many pictures your photographers will provide. The longer the hours you hired him for, the more pictures he has to work on. A typical 2-hour session might take only 3-4 weeks to finish, but if you hired him for a full day, you might have thousands of pictures to work on and that can take a few months.

Staff member

Where did you hire your photographer from? Photographers who work alone mostly do all the work by themselves. From consulting with potentials clients to delivering the albums, many professional photographers give a personal touch to everything they do. That’s why it can also take some time to get your pictures finished.

Some studios employ editors or outsource their editing. The more people that work on separate functions, the quicker is the turnaround time. Outsourcing editing is not always the preference of professionals because the other person may not see what he saw and did not finish the pictures the way he imagined them to be.

Communicate it!

Photographers are not always dealing with only one or two clients. During the months they edit your pictures, they also need to find clients and work on their pictures, too. Make sure that you have asked the photographer and check the contract regarding the time range properly. Give or take a few days from the promised date and reach out to the photographer again when he’s missed the promised date.


Another way to quench your thirst is to ask your photographer for a sneak peek on your wedding pictures. Most photographers do provide a couple of pictures they have finished editing with to keep their clients updated. This way, you can have something you can show to your friends! Before you upload that picture, ask your photographer if you can do that. Usually, pictures with the photographer’s watermark are allowed to be uploaded under his or her consent.

If you really want to know the exact date, it’s most important to reach out to your wedding photographer Hertfordshire. Some sites like www.rafeabrook.co.uk also provide online galleries where you can enjoy your wedding pictures first before getting the proofs. At least, you now know what your wedding pictures are going to look like!


How to Decide if the Second Shooter is Worth It


wedding photographer HertfordshireAs someone who’s trying his best to get the best men for his wedding, it can be a dilemma to decide whether getting one more wedding photographer Hertfordshire is worth it. The problem with having an extra man doing the same job is whether that person is going to add anything to the pile of pictures one person can make.

Having two wedding photographers can be useful or simply wasteful if you did your research first, so let us applaud you for trying to find it out here.

What you need

Let’s start with what you need. Not every second shooter is the same and they may have different roles or bring different added value to the main photographer. Some of you probably are holding quite a big wedding event. If that’s the case, you will need a second shooter to help cover more of the party and capture everything that the lead photographer may miss.

Others see their wedding as something unique that they want to remember. This kind of couple may want photographers who can capture one scene from different perspectives because it gives you more variety of one moment. It’s like getting a full view of the scene that you love the most, such as your wedding kiss.

When one is enough!

If you see that your wedding is not as big as you thought it was and have found a photographer with enough experience in similar size weddings, the choice to hire a single wedding photographer is favorable. We can recommend you a professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire at www.rafeabrook.co.uk. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions like whether they are confident to handle your wedding photography.

Type of double shooters

If you are looking at two wedding photographers who have a love interest or are married, they are most probably equal in both importance and role. This type of partnership typically has the two of them work with each other very well which also mean guaranteed complementing pictures from both of them. They know what they need to do and are more dedicated to giving their best.

There are studios who hire a lot of photographers to handle the offers and requests they get. This type of studio may allow their photographers to work together if demand requires them to. They may also get an assistant if it’s not too big of a deal for them. The second shooter in this sense isn’t of the same level is usually responsible for ‘less important’ pictures. The lead photographer is still in charge of the important pictures.

There is also the fact that the later may bring together photographers who don’t work well together. If that’s how it is, you may be hiring two separate photographers who simply take pictures of the same things.

Analyzing the skills and the teamwork of the two photographers are important, that’s why. The closer and skillful are the photographers, the more you should be willing to pay. A second shooter who is only acting as an assistant shouldn’t exceed the cost of hiring the main wedding photographer Hertfordshire on the base price.


Planning A Wedding By Doing Less


Go for an all in venue.

Hertfordshire wedding photography An all in venue is not as crude as it sounds. It basically refers to venues that are also licensed to hold civil wedding ceremonies. Although there is a certain novelty to church weddings, more and more brides are actually considering the practicality of an all in wedding venue wherein they can hold the ceremony and the reception for the wedding all in one place. Not only will you save your wedding guests the hassle of having to shuttle themselves off from one place to another, you also more or less get to have the advantage of saving some serious money in the process. It helps to take note of the fact that you have other things to spend out for during the wedding. You have not only the venue, but the food, the décor, your wedding ensemble and the like to worry about; you also need to cover for Hertfordshire wedding photography services, the coordinator, the conceptualist, the planner, and so on and so forth. Most of these venues will even give you a discount if you sign up and book for an all in package for the wedding.

DIY in advance.

Doing things yourself for the wedding is something practical and something that will save you some money on the side but you need to approach something like this with reservations as much as possible because you might end up stretching yourself out far more than you actually have to. If you are planning to incorporate some projects that you can do yourself such as the wedding invitations and the décor for the venue, then you should plan it all out in advance so that you aren’t strained or pressured for time. do them in advance so that you can store them and get them over with and so that you can focus more on the other pressing issues for the wedding such as hiring a planner or getting someone for the Hertfordshire wedding photography side of things and so on and so forth.

Get your friends and family to help out.

There are a lot of people around you who care about you and your partner as well as about the wedding a lot. Make sure that you go out of your way to tap into them as much as possible and make the most out of it. You will be able to save a lot of money this way and it can even turn out to be a bonding activity among you guys. Just understand that there are things that you cannot play by ear such as getting a friend to cover the wedding photos. You need a professional in the Hertfordshire wedding photography field for something like that. But for the lesser tasks for the wedding, you can always tap into trusted family members and friends for that.

Pick out the best professionals.

Visit sites such as http://www.catherinepound.com/ in order for you to get the most out of Hertfordshire wedding photography and other specialty sites that cover the niche wedding industry in particular. Having professionals taking care of things for you will help you sleep better at night and will help reassure you that you have everything that you could ever want or need for the wedding day so far.