asian wedding photographyWedding photography has always been about love, the merge of two different individuals and a special day dedicated to remembering this day.

But across the world, there’s a necessity to understand that under those three same characteristics, culture gives different colors and variations to them. This, later on, gives birth to different kind of wedding photographers. Asian wedding photography is one of them.

Asian wedding’s very contrasting difference probably lies in the fact that they are still rich in traditions and beliefs. Ancestors are seen as important figures and parents teach their children to do things that are meant to bring happiness and health to the new family.

This, of course, poses a new challenge to those that hope to expand their business to the new target market. Especially when globalization has given the chance for people to travel around the world. They explore the new places while bringing their own traditions and cultural values.

Not losing the love

However one might be arranging their wedding, the photographer should never be distracted. One should always remember to capture the love, expressions of family members and excitement of the guests.

Instead of a ceremony, Asian wedding photography may have to deal with various traditions, such as tea ceremony or must-dos. Because of this, the procession can usually go on for more than just a day. These are all sources of stress to the couples as they have to arrange everything and be everywhere. It is even of utmost importance that you will be able to notice their love for each other and determination to do everything to make sure they have a happy family life ahead.

Learning the differences

One should not go to war without knowing who the enemies are. As such, you should know what and where you will be shooting.

Sukhi Chandi is a wedding photographer who specializes in doing Asian wedding photography. Being an Indian himself, exploring the Chinese way of tying the knot gave him a lot of insight. Of course, before proceeding into one, he made sure that he’s done his part of homework.

It is important that you research and if possible, ask a fellow Asian friend about how the wedding is done their way. There are possibilities that the clients have adjusted to the local culture and it won’t be as complete as they would do in their home country. The best way to overcome this is to discuss with your clients beforehand (make sure before the ceremony). There won’t be any time left to talk if you only ask when the ceremony is 30 minutes away. You’ll end up taking hundreds of pictures and filling up your memory card fast.

Love the parents

If you haven’t noticed, parents bear utmost importance in most Asian weddings. They always have a say in which wedding vendors to use, where to hold and how the wedding should proceed. Sometimes, they even affect the people and guests that will be invited. Which is why building a close relationship with the parents, not just the clients, are very important.

These weddings are different in conduct, but still, bear the same love and meaning no matter where it is done on earth. Exploring them will only mean that one only need to understand the culture and that’s it because love and marriage are the same wherever you go.