6 Most Instagrammable Pre-Wedding Spots in Yorkshire


wedding photography yorkshireIt’s obvious that someone interested in wedding photography Yorkshire will want to find the best spots to take photos for his clients. He will want to create an everlasting pre-wedding shoots and thus he would need to take his clients to the most breathtaking spots in Yorkshire. This applies to every wedding photographer in Yorkshire.

In today’s digital world, a great photoshoot location must look good on social media platforms, especially Instagram. This is how people interact on daily basis. Therefore, having the best spots for your pre-wedding session would surely boost your confidence ahead of your wedding day. People would look at your pre-wedding photos and left amazed by them.

Best Instagrammable Spots in Yorkshire

If you’re a couple looking for a memorable pre-wedding session, and fantastic shots as well, you could ask your photographer about the following photoshoot spots:

  1. York Castle Museum – The best time to visit this location would be around 30 to 40 minutes before its closing time. During this time and this time only, you would get empty streets within it, allowing you to freely take as many pictures as you want.
  2. Shambles – If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you must be familiar with the architecture of this location. Shambles is indeded often hailed as real-life Diagon Alley, thanks to its unique design. The best time to visit this location would be early in the morning, as there wouldn’t be many people wandering around the place.
  3. York Minster – If you are looking for a medieval theme of pre-wedding photoshoot, this grand premise would do the job perfectly for you. You should be able to express everything you want in the Minster. But don’t expect to take picture with a full of this building with you, as it would be super hard due to this building size.
  4. York city walls – This is one of best spots for taking pictures, and it’s highly Instagrammable as well. These city walls are designed uniquely that you’ll want to take pictures in its every edge. However, you should consider your timing because the gates would be closed at dusk.
  5. The Clifford’s Tower – From this tower, you’d be able to see great views of the city of York. You could also use this spot as your per-wedding photoshoot location, especially if your provider of wedding photography Yorkshire is capable of taking the best angles of this lovely spot. It is important to note that you need to pay for the entry to this location, but it will be paid off by the incredible view you could enjoy all day long.
  6. Barley Hall – While you can take medieval theme at York Minster, you could do anything related to the era in this photoshoot spot. You could enjoy learning about medieval era while taking great shots over some spots in this location.

Those six are the most Instagrammable spots in York where wedding photography Yorkshire agencies often recommend to their clients. You could check them out with Boho Chic Weddings, and plan your dream wedding today.


When to Expect Your Photographs Back from Your Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire


wedding photographer Hertfordshire Really, it’s not that people don’t know that it takes time to give professional edits on the pictures, but how long exactly do I have to wait?

Almost every bride asks this question and it’s really hard to be patient about it. Part of the event is to get the pictures back from your wedding photographer Hertfordshire. And guess what, the wait is so worth it!

From 3-12 weeks

The typical turnaround time for photographers is 3 weeks to 4 months long, depending on many factors. Editing a single picture alone can take a few hours because photographers cannot work on them half-assed – it’s a really important picture that you can’t recreate anymore. Several photographers can take much longer, so it’s best to ask your photographer on his common turnaround rate!

You also need to consider how many pictures your photographers will provide. The longer the hours you hired him for, the more pictures he has to work on. A typical 2-hour session might take only 3-4 weeks to finish, but if you hired him for a full day, you might have thousands of pictures to work on and that can take a few months.

Staff member

Where did you hire your photographer from? Photographers who work alone mostly do all the work by themselves. From consulting with potentials clients to delivering the albums, many professional photographers give a personal touch to everything they do. That’s why it can also take some time to get your pictures finished.

Some studios employ editors or outsource their editing. The more people that work on separate functions, the quicker is the turnaround time. Outsourcing editing is not always the preference of professionals because the other person may not see what he saw and did not finish the pictures the way he imagined them to be.

Communicate it!

Photographers are not always dealing with only one or two clients. During the months they edit your pictures, they also need to find clients and work on their pictures, too. Make sure that you have asked the photographer and check the contract regarding the time range properly. Give or take a few days from the promised date and reach out to the photographer again when he’s missed the promised date.


Another way to quench your thirst is to ask your photographer for a sneak peek on your wedding pictures. Most photographers do provide a couple of pictures they have finished editing with to keep their clients updated. This way, you can have something you can show to your friends! Before you upload that picture, ask your photographer if you can do that. Usually, pictures with the photographer’s watermark are allowed to be uploaded under his or her consent.

If you really want to know the exact date, it’s most important to reach out to your wedding photographer Hertfordshire. Some sites like www.rafeabrook.co.uk also provide online galleries where you can enjoy your wedding pictures first before getting the proofs. At least, you now know what your wedding pictures are going to look like!


Why You Need to Avoid the Pit of Procrastination When It Comes to Hiring a Kent Wedding Photographer


Kent wedding photographerTying the knot deserves an exceptional wedding photographer whose output can last the test of time. Explore your options as you preserve memories from your special day.

Is your big day coming? Wedding preparations can always get the best of you. From booking the venue, organizing the program down to the minute details of sending invites and choosing the cake. But to enable to cherish this once in a lifetime event, couples are encouraged to consider choosing their Kent wedding photographer and booking services early. While the bride’s dress is usually the most highly anticipated detail of this event, wedding photographers capture all the more important details of “d” day. Guests, emotions and memories of your wedding day are equally worth treasuring.

That is why the use of internet helps to ease out the process of finding the photographer that suits your needs are also important. Portfolios, themes, perspectives and further information are provided that will speed up your selection process resulting to an easy and more relaxed bride and groom.

  1. Start hiring a wedding photographer early.

Photos on your wedding will be the only thing you can hold on to when the years has passed. Watching your video is the only way to relive the very same moment. A head start will not just give you peace of mind, but more time can be allotted for other wedding requirements.

  1. Prevent the issue of settling for second best.

When given enough time, you will be able to book a wedding photographer that matches your preference. Being able to avoid settling for someone who is available, a skillful wedding photographer can deliver your visualized dream wedding photos.

  1. Wedding photographers are booked in advance.

Photography entails great preparation. This means they are usually booked 6 months in advance to produce necessary requirements. Booking early will save you from cramming and stress. From the responsibilities of both parties down to the equipment the day requires, everything will be settled in advance for a hassle-free wedding day.

  1. You are able to have pool of choices.

Ample time to choose provides you a variety of skills in the market. Wide options can be explored as to what kind of perspective fits the couple. This ensures a high quality output that will both benefit the photographer and the client. You can discuss specific details and terms of the event to produce a significant output and working relationship. Never ever settle for second best when it comes to choosing amongst Kent wedding photographer options.

  1. Booking early prevents last minute decisions.

As pressure tends to build up as the wedding day goes closer, last minute decisions are required from the couple. Being able to settle for your wedding photographer early, you will be spared from unwanted worries and tensions. At least you can be rest assured of the fact that you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to planning the event that is your wedding.

Savor every minute of your wedding preparation with your special someone. Discard all the last-minute preparations that could be physically and emotionally draining. Explore options with Kent wedding photographer David Burke Photography to get a sneak peak of what you can expect on your big day.


2 Reasons To Hire An Alternative Wedding Photographer


alternative wedding photographerBased on the amount of importance attached to a wedding, it therefore goes without saying that every element put together to make that day all the more special must be chosen carefully. In weddings, you get to notice a lot of attention to detail on the part of the couple. Everything from the location chosen, the floral arrangements, table setting etc. are a reflection of the couple’s preferences and are accompaniments to the couple starting a new life together. The fact that the couple want the day to be unique is what fosters them to put in added effort. As such, nothing less than stellar would be permitted on that day.

With the amount of effort put into planning the wedding, the couple needs to ensure even years from the date of the wedding, the memory of that special day is still intact in their minds. On the day of the wedding, it is not possible for the couple to be everywhere at the same time. Nor is it possible for them to be aware of what everyone is doing while they are stuck in their own world. This is where the service of an alternative wedding photographer comes in.

The wedding photographer is useful in:

  • Ensuring the memories are captured

Whether it is the little bridesmaid feasting on little cup cakes or the mother of the bride crying as she watches her daughter dance away with her husband, the photographer will be on hand to capture it all. The photographer will be required to be the eyes and ears of the couple as it is definitely not possible for the couple to pay attention to everything around them. The wedding is their special day and the couple will be more interested in enjoying it to the fullest

The job of the alternative wedding photographer is to ensure that while the couple embraces the moment, the other things that occur are not completely missed. After the wedding, when the couple eventually get the pictures, they are able to touch ground on things they might have missed out on that day.

  • Presenting a memento for the couple

Human memory can be quite fickle. There are some things which can easily be forgotten with time and if care is not taken, these things will never be remembered. It is not rare to find that years after a wedding, couples cannot really define some of the essential details of what went down and this can be due to different reasons. However, with the avenue of wedding photographs, such an issue can be taken care of.

Wedding albums serve as mementos for the couple. They are a collection of activities and moments which occurred the wedding. Most times, the wedding photographer pays attention to the smallest details in ensuring that nothing of importance is missed.

The wedding is not an event that should be taken lightly. Every single moment is important because for the couple the day in its entirety is a defining moment in their lives. Therefore, to get the best results, it is best to hire the services of alternative wedding photographer https://fotomakiphotography.com.


Your Wedding Photographer Cardiff Is the Secret to Avoid Wedding Pictures Gone Wrong


wedding photographer CardiffThe key is to find the right wedding photographer Cardiff. It’s not how diligent you look up for inspiration on Pinterest nor is it going on a tight diet. It’s your photographer’s job.

No matter who you are, you want your wedding party to be perfect and smooth. And then, you want all those beautiful memories captured and sealed forever in your wedding album. It just sounds like the typical, perfect wedding for any bride. But in reality, you might have seen how some couples got themselves horrible pictures and it only occurred to you that it can happen to anyone.

Experienced photographer

The person responsible for your once in a lifetime experience has to be someone with skills. It cannot be a beginner or someone who only does it for fun. You need a professional, experienced wedding photographer who has shot tens and hundreds of weddings before. Such people know their equipment, know what to ask and what to prepare for you.

But the photographer also needs to know his own limit. There are many photographers who get tempted to take up as many jobs as possible and failed to give his best to all of them. This isn’t what you asked when you invest thousands of dollars in your photography. It would also be better if it’s a photographer who has worked on a similar wedding project before.

Look Early!

Many good photographers are booked early as they have a lot of customers who want them. This is probably the case with the photographer of your choice if you don’t book him early. You can start looking on the Internet for a professional wedding photographer Cardiff like Kirsty Mattson Photography. We recommend this particular professional for many people.

Plan a meeting

Make sure that you meet your wedding photographer a least once after you’ve dropped them a line. You and your photographer have to be familiar with each other and this meeting’s purpose is to know the person behind the camera. The first thing you need to note is if you like the photographer’s presence. It’s important to feel comfortable because your photographer will be someone who stays around you for a long time on your wedding day.

Next is to make sure that you have all the questions that you want to ask prepared. Ask about the photographer’s past experience and details on the wedding photography package available. Make sure that everything about the price that you have to pay (and possible extras) is known. You don’t want hidden price later when you are about to pay the full fee!

Trust in your photographer

After all those long talks and planning, trust your wedding photographer Cardiff with his skills. He is the best person right now that is working on your wedding photography. Worrying about him when you don’t have enough knowledge about photography won’t do yourself any good! Provide him with the information he needs when he asks for it. Don’t hesitate to sound your concerns, however, if it is urgent!

We congratulate you on your wedding and hope you have a new, happy journey with your loved one!