The Mirrorless Camera


In the past, when it comes to digital photography there are only basically two types of cameras in the market to consider: the DSLRs which are what professionals and would-be professionals in photography would use, and the so-called “point-and-shoot” cameras the casual photographers use.

Then came the mirrorless cameras to the market. And since then, digital photography would never be the same. Mirrorless cameras have helped shake things up in the world of digital photography as more and more photographers, whether professional or casual ones, are now using these types of cameras for their photography.


But what exactly is a mirrorless camera and what makes it a popular type of camera nowadays? We will attempt to provide an answer those questions here in this particular article.

The Definition and Technology of the Mirrorless Camera

As the name implies, a mirrorless camera is a type of camera that does not have a mirror. But what is this mirror being talked about here? It actually refers to the mirror found inside a typical camera body. You see, in cameras such as DSLRs, when you press the camera shutter, this mirror flips up as the shutter opens so that the light can pass through to reflect on to mirror which in turn will bounce the light off to the sensor which will capture the image. In this setup, the mirror is an integral part in the image capturing function of the camera.

So with the mirror now gone in the mirrorless camera, how does such a camera now do the image capture? In this case, when light passes through the shutter, the sensor automatically captures the light directly to eventually capture the image. This technology the mirrorless camera employs not only allows a more direct image capture system, it also lessens the bulkiness in size that DSLRs typically have, now that a space-consuming component like the mirror is no longer present.

Image Quality

Does the lack of the mirror in the mirrorless camera mean lower image quality of the camera? Well the short answer to that is no. in fact, the image quality of such a camera is comparable to that of the DSLR. Comparing them side by side shows no difference at all in quality, which means a mirrorless camera will perform just as good as a DSLR.

However in some cases, the DSLR works better, especially when it comes to the focusing system. At the moment, mirrorless cameras generally do not have a fast focusing system that DSLRs have. This drawback is factor as to why it is rare to see mirrorless cameras being used for sporting events and wildlife photography.

Like a DSLR, Almost


As far as features are concerned, the mirrorless camera is in many ways made to be just as feature-heavy as a DSLR, putting in as much functionalities and controls in a small but powerful camera body such as adjusting exposure, shutter, ISO, among many others.

Another feature of the mirrorless camera that echoes that of the DSLR is the ability to change lenses. The mirrorless camera offers a range of lenses for various photography needs, whether it is for macro, wide angle, or for subject that are located farther off. Typically, these lenses are not as bulky as DSLR lenses.

However, such lenses specially made for mirrorless cameras are hard to find in the market compared to DSLR lenses. To get around this, some manufacturers offer lens adaptors that allow you to use a DSLR lens on a mirrorless camera body. But such would defeat the purpose of going to a mirrorless camera, especially if size is a factor.

Technology however continuously evolves at a pace more rapid than it was before. In the case of the mirrorless camera, this holds very true. Even with the current drawbacks of mirrorless cameras, advances in photography technology creates a fix for these shortcomings as they help further narrow the gap between them and DSLRs in the years to come.


In just a short period of time, mirrorless cameras have managed to make a mark in digital photography, providing consumers and photographers with more choices as far as what camera to use. Ultimately, the choice lies in the consumer and photographer as to what camera suits him best.


Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Photographer Northern Ireland


North Wales wedding photographerWedding flowers, wedding dress, wedding rings – all ready but what about the wedding photographer?

There is no denying the fact that a wedding is an event which holds a lot of memories from its planning stage to the arrival of the D-day. After all the planning and effort put into making sure everything is perfect, would you want to see it go by without having any memories of it?

It is quite hard to perceive the idea of a wedding without properly documented images or videos and this is where the wedding photographer Northern Ireland is useful.

Why Should You Hire a Wedding Photographer Northern Ireland?

A lot of reasons comes to mind when debating the prospect of whether or not to get professionally shot photographs of your wedding but we are going to cover 3 of the major points. They are:

  • Memories

For most individuals, a wedding comes but once in their lifetime. The memories associated with a wedding are not ones that are bound to happen during our daily lives. The special care taken to decorate the event hall, the exquisite detail of the attires worn, the tasty nature of the food to the emotions of the wedding party are all things you get to witness only in a wedding.

To risk non-capture of the events of the wedding day is akin to letting go of profound memories that may never occur again. With the help of a wedding photographer Northern Ireland, you get the opportunity to hold on to the events of the day through there avenue of photographs. If you try to recant something of importance that occurred during the wedding, all you need to do is take a look at the photographs to jog your memories.

  • Professionalism

We have seen quite a lot of scenarios where brides and grooms in a bid to save cost decide to do without a professional wedding photographer Ireland and instead opt for one of their friends or family members to document the event of the day. Although we cannot fault their bid to save cost but going by the fact that the wedding is such an important day, why not splurge a bit to make sure that the pictures you get are top-notch?

What a professional wedding photographer brings to the table is not only professional behavior but expert knowledge on the best ways to approach capturing the events of the day. Your family friend or best friend might get distracted with the happenings of the wedding and may want to partake in the festivities forgetting the fact that they are also performing the role of a photographer. With a professional photographer you never have to fear this.

  • Expert touch

There are certain professions that are skill based and some are knowledge based. You cannot expect a carpenter to produce the same results as a professional photographer and you should not expect a professional photographer to have the same level of knowledge as an investment banker. Each of them are experts in their field for a reason. Therefore, if you want photographs that are a proper depiction of events of your wedding with the added dose of expertise, then get a professional Northern Ireland wedding photographer at http://www.cathmackenzie.com/ .


What Your Wedding Photography Website Should Include


Berkshire wedding photography websiteAs a wedding photographer, you have to know that one of the keys to staying relevant in business is to get acquainted with the constant trends. For instance, if you were to discover that most couples were demanding for a certain style of pictures for their wedding and you have no clue about it, then the pressure is on you to take strides into learning the latest styles or else you stand the chance of losing your customers. The more knowledgeable you are about the latest trends, the more relevant you remain.

Build strong network

Another key to remaining successful in the competitive world of wedding photography is by building a network of clients and colleagues and maintaining constant communication with them. You find that clients value communication as they want to know what you are up to and if their interests are been well taken care of. A way to keep your clients happy is by maintain a blog or website by which they can stay updated about your work. Even potential clients and colleagues gain access to what you are able to achieve.

Showcase works on website.

For example, if you happen to be vested in wedding photography in a local region, then you would want to highlight your works for that region by making a showcase for it on you website. The good thing about your website is that it is both personal and business for you so the way you choose to go about it depends on the message you are trying to convey. If you are based in Mallorca, you can have a Mallorca wedding photography website that acts as a showbox for your works in that region.

Understand website marketing

If you aim to develop a good Mallorca wedding photography website, then you will need an innate understanding of website marketing coupled with a strong background in professional wedding photography. These two components are major keys to sustaining a quality website. The essence of the wedding photography website is to get visitors to view your work and stay interested for the long run. Your website must be able to turn visitors into paying customers.

For your Mallorca wedding photography website, it would be also reasonable to compile a large picture portfolio of your works and make sure that you constantly update them. The images you decide to upload on the website should be majorly of your expertise area but it should also denote the different styles and trends you can achieve as customers value creativity. In a bid to constantly update your website, do not compromise on the quality or uniqueness of your pictures as only the best pieces should be used.

Include contact information

Also make sure that what you include on your photography website covers your contact information as you cannot hope to turn leads into clients when they have no way of reaching you. Things like physical address email and phone number should be included on the site so that it can turn up on a local level in search engines. Also include things like zip code and neighborhood for search engine optimization as well.


How To Have A Blast At The Wedding


Plan your seating chart well.

wedding photographer NorfolkYour guests for the wedding need to be seated accordingly and in all of the proper ways. although your initial tendency would be to group them in any way that you see fit be it based on their stations in life, how close they are to you, whether they are married or not, and so on and so forth; you need to make it a point to go ahead and look way beyond this and to try to have a wider perspective in all of it. You need to understand the fact that how they interact with each other during the wedding reception party is something that should trump pretty much anything and everything else so far so it is important that you keep this in mind all the time when you are getting the seating charts planned at the end of the day. You will be doing your professional wedding photographer Norfolk a huge favour if you make sure that your wedding guests are actually genuinely enjoying themselves because the seating charts are well thought out so far.

Spend money on an open bar.

Whether this is something that you are willing to admit or not, the thing about wedding receptions is that they aren’t that much fun without enough provisions for booze so far. At the end of the day, the thought of an open bar is something that is well worth paying for. It will ensure that your friends and family get to enjoy the big day with a little bit of liquid happiness. Although an open bar costs a lot of money, it goes without saying that it is still something that is well worth paying for when it all comes down to it and this is what you ought to keep in consideration as much as you possibly can at the end of the day. Easy on handing booze out to your wedding photographer Norfolk and other wedding vendors though. They are there to get their jobs done. You need to know for sure that they don’t lose focus or anything similar to that when they are there for the main wedding day.

Make your guests comfortable.

It will say a lot about you and about your partner as hosts so do your best to make sure that they are well taken care of and that they have all of the basic necessities provided for during the wedding. Uncomfortable guests can eventually make the wedding day turn sour and this is what you ought to try to avoid as much as you possibly can. This is a courtesy that you need to extend out to the people who will be attending your wedding be it as a favour to you and to your partner or as paid wedding vendors such as your wedding photographer Norfolk.

Have a lounge area for your guests.

Give them some sort of space that they can kick back and put their heels up. A tired crowd can put a damper on the wedding celebrations and this is what you ought to take into account the entire time that you are planning the wedding out so far.


Why Check The Portfolio Of a Kent Wedding Photographer


Assess portfolio

Kent wedding photographyAlways assess the portfolio of a professional wedding photographer before you make the decision to hire him officially for your wedding. When you are scrutinizing someone’s work before you even get to the point wherein you are already seeing him in person and asking him questions, it gives you the advantage of an unbiased opinion and it is the type of thing that will really get to mean all of the difference in the world for as far as booking someone is concerned. Judge someone based on his previous works and you can never go wrong. Let his handiwork speak for him and make sure that you actually get to take a closer look at all of them. There are a lot of things that you can identify and determine about a professional wedding photographer if you only look at his portfolio closely enough.

Know the photography styles

You will be able to see what photography style he tends to prefer the most and what he tends to gravitate towards at the end of the day. You will also be able to see what kind of substance and sense of story he is able to bring into his shots. You get to decide on whether his composition and attention to detail is worth a second look in the first place, among a bunch of other things that you can possibly take a look at when it all comes down to it. Get this checked out and you will see how things look like by and large. The portfolio of a Kent wedding photographer can give you a glimpse into what your wedding photos might end up looking like if you do decide to book him somewhere down the road. Sure, it will take time having to review the works of people one by one but you will see that it will be time well spent and worth investing in at the end of the day.

Ask if there’s an engagement shoot.

Ask your professional wedding photographer if he will be able to give out an engagement slideshow that you can go ahead and make use of and show out to your guests during the reception party of the wedding. This isn’t a lot to ask especially when the Kent wedding photography package he is offering out to you already includes an engagement photo shoot in the first place. He just needs to arrange them in a slideshow setting and maybe put in some background music and it should be good to go. This is a great addition to the products and services that you ought to be getting as a client and something that most of the wedding photographers out there will be more than happy to give out as an add on service.

You are entitled to this and try to make sure that this is hammered out before you even sign the agreement with the Kent wedding photographer just so that you don’t happen to come across any issues somewhere along the way. If there is anything else that you might want to ask from your professional wedding photographer, ask ahead of time so that everyone’s expectations are managed the right way as much as possible.


How To Pose For A Newcastle Based Portrait Photo Shoot


Newcastle portrait photo shootYour Newcastle based portrait photographer will only be able to help you out so much during the portrait photo shoot if you don’t know how to pose yourself the right way. You need to make sure that you will be able to know how to position yourself and come out looking great in the portrait photos that are being shot of you one way or the other. Here are a few elements or variables that will get to help you out in getting things checked out the right way for the portrait photo shoot. Your Newcastle based portrait photographer will never be able to thank you enough in ensuring that you are equipped with all of the right info and knowledge for posing for the portrait photo shoot that is being planned out.

A strategic turn 2/3 of the way will make all of the difference in the world.

This can really affect the way that you end up looking in the portrait shots that are being taken of you. the reason why the camera can have you gain 10 pounds just like that is because of the fact that you end up facing the camera full on and cut out the rest of the environment around you. You certainly would not want to end up doing anything like that at all. This can mess up the mechanics for your portrait shots and you ought to really try to go ahead and get this fixed as soon as you possibly can. Whenever you find yourself having to pose for the photos, try to turn two thirds of the way. You will see that your profile will come out looking so much slimmer because you aren’t consuming the picture from frame to frame. This is the perfect cheap for getting portrait shots taken and you will have so much better results from them as well.

Try to opt out of using your hands during the portrait photo shoot.

This probably isn’t something that you will know about right off the bat but the truth is that your hand will normally turn out to be so much bigger than your face, or probably even just as big as your face. You wouldn’t want the camera to highlight that in the photos that the photographer takes of you. Photographers asking their subjects to go ahead and pose with their hands up in the air can really have that old fashioned kind of take on things and this is why you should avoid it as much as possible. Most of the time, a modern Newcastle based portrait photographer probably won’t even ask you to do it but then again, it pays if you just know right off the bat that you should avoid doing it just in case.

Keep your chin down as much as possible.

Believe it or not, there is nothing flattering about the photographer and the camera seeing up your nose, mouth, and probably a little bit of your double chin. Just make it a point to not lean back as much as possible and things should work out in your favor.


6 Most Instagrammable Pre-Wedding Spots in Yorkshire


wedding photography yorkshireIt’s obvious that someone interested in wedding photography Yorkshire will want to find the best spots to take photos for his clients. He will want to create an everlasting pre-wedding shoots and thus he would need to take his clients to the most breathtaking spots in Yorkshire. This applies to every wedding photographer in Yorkshire.

In today’s digital world, a great photoshoot location must look good on social media platforms, especially Instagram. This is how people interact on daily basis. Therefore, having the best spots for your pre-wedding session would surely boost your confidence ahead of your wedding day. People would look at your pre-wedding photos and left amazed by them.

Best Instagrammable Spots in Yorkshire

If you’re a couple looking for a memorable pre-wedding session, and fantastic shots as well, you could ask your photographer about the following photoshoot spots:

  1. York Castle Museum – The best time to visit this location would be around 30 to 40 minutes before its closing time. During this time and this time only, you would get empty streets within it, allowing you to freely take as many pictures as you want.
  2. Shambles – If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you must be familiar with the architecture of this location. Shambles is indeded often hailed as real-life Diagon Alley, thanks to its unique design. The best time to visit this location would be early in the morning, as there wouldn’t be many people wandering around the place.
  3. York Minster – If you are looking for a medieval theme of pre-wedding photoshoot, this grand premise would do the job perfectly for you. You should be able to express everything you want in the Minster. But don’t expect to take picture with a full of this building with you, as it would be super hard due to this building size.
  4. York city walls – This is one of best spots for taking pictures, and it’s highly Instagrammable as well. These city walls are designed uniquely that you’ll want to take pictures in its every edge. However, you should consider your timing because the gates would be closed at dusk.
  5. The Clifford’s Tower – From this tower, you’d be able to see great views of the city of York. You could also use this spot as your per-wedding photoshoot location, especially if your provider of wedding photography Yorkshire is capable of taking the best angles of this lovely spot. It is important to note that you need to pay for the entry to this location, but it will be paid off by the incredible view you could enjoy all day long.
  6. Barley Hall – While you can take medieval theme at York Minster, you could do anything related to the era in this photoshoot spot. You could enjoy learning about medieval era while taking great shots over some spots in this location.

Those six are the most Instagrammable spots in York where wedding photography Yorkshire agencies often recommend to their clients. You could check them out with Boho Chic Weddings, and plan your dream wedding today.