Natural Wedding Photography: 5 Tips to Looking Natural in Your Wedding Photos


natural wedding photographyThose stunning photo shots of you and your partner cheesing for the camera is very vital, but most brides prefer the natural and not-posed photos because it captures the pure excitement of the wedding day. Most couples feel connected when just being natural in their wedding photos. But the question is, what if you feel stroppy when the spotlight is on you? Looking natural is the main point in a natural wedding photography. Here are 5 vital tips to help you look natural in your wedding photos.

Always connect with your wedding photographer

When you feel very comfortable with your photographer, you will get the best natural wedding photos. You can set up a meeting with your photographer and meet for some drinks and coffee so you can get know each other better. It is very important that you find a photographer that is passionate about your style and makes you feel at ease all the time. You can also book an engagement session where you and your wedding photographer can get used to taking photos.

Employ a wedding planner

It is not easy sitting back and let the excitement take over when you are overwhelmed with all of your wedding details. But if you have a wedding planner, it will save you from lots of worries and stress and you will be free to enjoy your day.

Focus on the moment

Sometimes, you feel stuck and you force yourself to smile when you’ve taken lots of photos; it is bound to happen when you have taken photos up to number 50. Take a deep break, and have a simple walk with your partner to give you some relieve. This will help you reset your face and it will also assist your wedding photographer to capture the both of you talking to each other. Being in these natural moments will make your wedding photos look very authentic.

Book your wedding photographer for an extra one hour

It is a great idea to set up and pay for an extra one hour with the photographer. This is because you won’t be forced to put every shot of your shot list into a timeframe. If you have an extra one hour, you won’t feel any pressure trying to make sure everything is done right away rather, you will always take your time when doing things.

Know what you want for each of your photos

The most important way to get a natural wedding photo is to know what you want even before your wedding. If it is natural wedding photos you want, you need to do your homework and plan with your wedding photographer on how your photos should be.

A natural photo will give you an authentic memory of that special day of yours. You do not want to fake those sweet smile when you want to take photos because you are tired, right? A way to achieve getting natural photos is to follow the above-listed steps.


How I Photographed A Wedding With an iPhone


Years ago, taking photos on a mobile phone seemed unthinkable, considering the low quality that phone cameras had at that time. Nowadays, many people are now taking more photos over their phones rather than their digital cameras as technology has made it possible for phones to match the image quality, if not exceed, that of digital cameras.

In my case, I have found myself using my phone more in my photography, especially for taking casual shots that I do more often, while I still use my regular DSLR to if I want to capture more detailed or artistic photos. Besides, a phone is more handy for me to carry around for casual photography.

The phone I’m using by the way is an iPhone 5s, which I have found to be very good in taking photos with its true-tone flash that provides really good low-light performance and its burst mode which helps me take action shots better.

But recently, I found myself taking the capabilities of my iPhone’s camera to the limit when I was invited to attend a friend’s wedding. I originally intended to use my DSLR to take photos of that memorable moment. Unfortunately, my DSLR had to undergo repairs at a local camera shop. Thus, I was left with no choice but let my iPhone do the job.

For this job, I made sure to bring some extra tools for the job. Considering the iPhone’s battery life, I brought two chargers: a regular one and a portable one to make sure I don’t lose power in the middle of the event. I also brought a special tripod mount for my iPhone (and a tripod of course) just in case.

I also used some special lenses that can be attached to my iPhone to maximize and extend its capabilities when it falls short on its own. I have a wide angle/macro lens, fisheye lens that I could use for some fun shots, telephoto lens to extend the zoom capabilities of my iPhone, and a polarizer lens which helps reduce glare on my photos that is caused by sunlight.


The wedding I attended was a garden wedding, so during the ceremony we were outdoors where the lighting present is a natural one coming from the sun. Apart from the polarizer lens, I also made use of my iPhone’s built-in HDR function to balance the exposure of the shots. If you are not keen on using the iPhone’s built-in HDR, there are also 3rd party apps available that provide HDR functionality to your phone.

Speaking of apps, I also have a number of iOS camera apps on my phone that help improve my built-in camera’s performance, depending on the need and situation. Camera+ and Procamera provide better exposure control and wider angles. Slow Shutter Can is also another good app that control’s the phone’s shutter speed so you can create artistic DSLR-quality photos. These apps are helpful especially if you have do not have any special lenses available.

And being someone who is guilty of having shaky hands at times when I hold the camera, my iPhone being connected to the tripod via a special tripod mount helped lessen those blurry shots I tend to take from time to time. Plus, this special setup also allows me to take more creative shots, something I would not gotten under the regular setup.

As I noted earlier, I made sure I got things covered, especially with regards to my phone’s battery life. But apart from the extra chargers, I made it a point to disable unnecessary apps running in the background to save battery life. Another important thing I did was to turn off the cellular signal of my phone so I would be able to take photos without being interrupted by phone call that would ruin the moment, so to speak.

The tools may be different but the same rules in photography apply. Composition still plays an important part in the photo. As a photographer, I make sure the photos I take with my phone have those qualities, regardless of the phone’s limitations. And sometimes, knowing your phone’s limitations also helps spur one’s creativity, trying to go around those limitation with creative solutions that will turn out just as nice as they would if taken by a regular camera.

Once I was done, I was ready to process the photos I’ve taken. I managed to process and upload some of them to social media accounts like Instagram and applied some artistic filters when necessary. For the other photos, I edited them on my computer before uploading them to make sure they would turn out ok.

Overall, it was a unique but satisfying experience to have been able to extensively use my iPhone to cover an entire wedding. While the quality may not match that of a photo taken by a DSLR, the output is still very good and in some cases, looked better with the iPhone. In the end though, what matters more is that your camera gets to capture the priceless memories a wedding brings about, whether it’s a DSLR or an iPhone.


The Top Wedding Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


There is no stressing further how memorable and important a wedding is, especially for a couple who is about to get married. Considering as well that there are no second chances as well is added pressure especially for those who will covering the event, in this case the photographer, making sure that they would be able to cover the wedding right.

But then there are those mistakes that some photographers make that manage to make the wedding feel incomplete or worse, would ruin the moment overall. Fortunately, we have listed down some of the gravest photography mistakes here that should be noted and help as well in giving a better wedding experience overall.

  1. Inexperience

There are many photographers today, and one would not wish inexperience to be the cause of bad set of photographs that would be taken at the wedding. If you are relatively inexperienced in wedding photography but would like to learn more about it, it is best that you start as an intern or assistant to a more experienced wedding photographer like Russell Neal and learn as well as master the craft in the process. It is also a good opportunity as well to be able to hone an efficient photography workflow as well.

  1. Not having a second shooter

There are a number of moments that are happening simultaneously during the wedding, and it would be a shame if those moments are not captured because there is only one photographer availed during that day. It is best to have at least a second photographer who can capture those simultaneous moments along with you, not to mention this will enable to have some good processing options too. Another important function of the second photographer is that in the event you forgot to shoot a moment or your equipment messes up for some reason, the second shooter would be readily available to cover for you.


  1. Inability to capture those perfect eyes

Capturing that eye contact between the couple makes a good shot. The subject(s) not having any eye contact or looking into a void are a recipe for a wedding photography disaster. It is important therefore for the photographer to find the right ways to capture that perfect eye contact moment through poses and looks that may be requested by a photographer. Squints and red eye outputs are other issues that may crop up along the way, and knowing the best ways to avoid such glitches would give some perfect photos that would come out.

  1. Using Wrong Focus Mode & ISO

Two important elements that a photographer must note in wedding photography are the focus mode and the ISO. An incorrect focus mode will not track your subject(s) well, causing blurred and out of focus shots. Meanwhile, an incorrect ISO would cause exposure issues. A good photographer must be very familiar with focus modes and ISO settings and which of these settings would create a great output in your photo. Knowing the right focus mode would not only highlight the subject(s) in your photo, it would also help create some artistic shots as well. Knowing to set the right ISO will help with increased sensitivity and capture more details with the highest image quality.


  1. Not paying attention to detail

Weddings are beautiful stories being told in a magnificent set-up, with every detail well-thought and planned out from the ceremony to the reception. The wedding photographer needs to pay attention to these details and capture all the intricacies to fully capture the wedding’s magic that the couple and guests have appreciated. It may be tough to translate such sentiments into photos, but with the right approach and methods, it is not impossible.


Great Wedding Hacks For You To Save Money


Don’t be too nitpicky with the wedding dress.

Bristol wedding photographersThe wedding dress is something that a lot of brides from all over the world tend to stress over about and for a fairly good reason. Having the perfect dress is something that can turn out to be a bit of an accomplishment. Your Bristol wedding photographers will be focusing on the dress in the photos and so will the rest of all of the other guests who will be attending the wedding day so far. Even though you have a particular dress in mind, it pays to keep your options open and to make it a point to look out for the best one out there so far. Don’t be afraid to go ahead and try new things out. Don’t be afraid to look at all of the possibilities. Even though you feel as if a particular dress type or shape will not fit you well or will not complement you and your particular body type that much, you could be wrong which is why it still pays off for you to try them out in the first place. It wouldn’t hurt to at least try and to see that there are other options up on the table. Get a fashion savvy friend to help you out and to help you see what dress tends to suit you the most because it is definitely worth a second or a third look, even.

Bundle up your photography package.

Don’t go for a cheap photographer. More than that, don’t entrust your wedding photos to friends or to amateurs. A bundled up package means that you may or may not have a wedding video thrown into the bunch of inclusions along with what is initially being offered. Most of the Bristol wedding photographers out there actually offer this out on top of the wedding photo package and if that would be the case, it is definitely worth a look see. You will be able to go ahead and save so much money on something like this and you will be able to make the most out of what you are paying out to your Bristol wedding photographers at the end of the day. This is the best way for you to stretch out your money for the wedding without compromising on the services that you have in store for you so far.

Go for some edible wedding favors.

Wedding favors can be costly especially if you go for high end items. What you need to know ahead of time is the fact that it would be pointless for you to go blowing your wedding budget for it. Most of these things don’t even have that much use for your guests in the wedding. It would be smarter to go for items that they can use right away such as food items and the like. If you have a really awesome cookie recipe, cookie jars that are beautifully wrapped can be an option worth exploring.

Go for a pop up wedding.

This can save you so much money on the wedding venue costs. A word of caution though, some venues require permits that you will have to process ahead of time. Talk to Bristol wedding photographers like Duncan Mein Photography who have had experience with weddings like these so that you can get some guidance.


Event Photographer Starter Pack


event photographerWorking as a event photographer revolves around taking majestic pictures or big, respectable and recognized events to small, unknown, probably dull events. But, nevertheless, your role is to take the best pictures of the event to be kept for the holder and important people related to the event.

Here are things that will get you going for your first gig and expanding your network.

Get your portfolio out there

If someone suddenly comes up to you offering to renovate your house but is unable to show you any proof that he’s experienced, will you even trust that he’s someone working in the field? Same thing goes with event photography and other field of art. You need to be able to show portfolios and for your first one, you may not even be paid for it.

Offer your friends, relatives or acquaintances free service for taking photographs in their events. This way, you will be able to get portfolios and honest opinions from them.

Spread your name

After doing some favors for your friends, get the chance to ask them to spread your skills and services. Find out if anyone is looking for an event photographer or if any good events are going on. Upload and post your best pictures on your site, blog, social media, anywhere where the public can see. Don’t forget to include your contact numbers or other means to contact you.

If possible look up for ways to improve SEO to your site by learning photography SEO.

Learn about the event

It is not as simple as knowing that it is a wedding party or a birthday party. Many events, seminars or celebrations involve many important characters and figures that the event holder wants you to pay attention to. Sometimes, even the holder himself/herself prefer to have more pictures of the guests taken. Remember to pinpoint on important key figures in events and take their pictures when the right moment comes.

Don’t worry about the amount

Just keep shooting every time you see something worth remembering. Remember to shoot before the event for the preparation done before the party or event. Taking as many shoots as possible for various angles will help you in skimming later for the pictures that you really want to present to your clients.

When skimming, don’t worry about eliminating too many pictures because you have taken hundreds of photos and you will only want your clients to look at your best.


Even though photography is an art, in any business you will need networks to get clients. Keep in touch with your clients and remind them that you are still providing services for event photography and who knows if they’ll call back.

During the event, everyone can be your potential clients. Make a good eye contact and smile with anyone that might be looking at you as if deciding if you worth the skill for hiring.

Present the shots as how it is

Most clients appreciate photos of filter free and prefer originality. Don’t play around too much with filters and Photoshop, except if the clients have specific requests to make. That way, you can present your photography skills in your portfolios, not your editing skills. Visit this wonderful  website www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com to get tips from a professional event photographer.


Review: The Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark II


After the rousing success of the OM-D EM5, Olympus recently unveiled the successor to this successful compact mirrorless camera, the OM-D EM5 Mark II. How does it fare compared to its predecessor and to other mirrorless cameras out in the market? We shall find out in this review.

Design and controls

First things first, the EM5 Mark II looks very much like its predecessor. However, the EM5 Mark II offers some improvements in the design, with a better grip, easier navigation of the control dials even with one hand while still retaining a good, solid build for its body.

The camera offers a large and detailed electronic viewfinder, one of the best viewfinders found in cameras today which provides great detail and information and a fully-articulated 3 inch touchscreen LCD that provides a better intuitive interface. It also offers a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for better sharing of the images caught on this camera

Superior image quality

The EM5 Mark II offers a native 16 megapixel image resolution. It also has a high-speed Live MOS Sensor which offers an improved performance and a remarkable level of clarity and speed in all aspects of image capture. The camera’s TruePic VII image-processing engine improves image quality as well in low-light environments.

The camera’s sensor allows for a maximum ISO of 25,600, and the dynamic range has been expanded for more faithful color reproduction. It also offers a quieter mechanical shutter and a fast, accurate, focusing system to better capture images

Image Stabilization

However, the EM5 Mark II’s killer feature is with its performance in image stabilization, a feature many cameras in the market today tend to overlook. In the case of Olympus however, they have developed for this camera an ultra-sensitive 5-axis VCM (voice coil motor) technology that employs updated gyro sensors for a full 5 exposure steps of compensation. This gives the camera an exceptional performance in image stabilization, being able to deliver sharp, clear still images even in low light or steady HD video when capturing movies.

Another good thing is that this feature works with any lens you wish to use for the camera. So there’s no need to worry about what lens to use that would offer stabilization as the camera does it exceptionally well for you.

High Res Shot

With an improved stabilization mechanism, the EM5 Mark II offers another interesting feature a number of photographers like Martin Pemberton would love, the 40MP High Res Shot. This allows the camera to shift the sensor over eight frames and then combining them into one higher resolution image of up to a whopping 40 megapixels.

Please note though that this does not increase the camera’s native megapixel resolution; you will still get 16 MP on your camera even when using the High Res Shot feature. What it does instead is enhance the quality of the image taken into the camera and make it more detailed. Also, this feature would only work well in ideal situations and environments, such as still subjects.

Final Thoughts

The Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II is a worthy upgrade from the previous EM5 model as it offers more features and, most especially, an improved photographic performance.

Its features are not only impressive, they are also unique in the sense that not many cameras offer those features, most especially the image stabilization feature. That only makes the EM5 Mark II a solid camera that can rival any mirrorless camera in the market at least. If you are looking for a good mirrorless camera, or a camera that can provide an improved image quality, the Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II is a camera worth very much considering.


Where to Get SEO Photography Advice


Get a vague understanding of what SEO is all about in the first place.

seo for photographersIf you have a fair understanding of the underlying principles of search engine optimization, it will make things so much easier to go through with at the end of the day and this is the kind of thing that will really get to work in your favor when it all comes down to it. You don’t have to go to school for this. Try to read up as much as you possibly can about this and you are guaranteed to come off of things better informed about anything and everything that you need to do at the end of the day. what you need to understand about things like this is the fact that the internet will turn out to be your richest and your most conclusive source of info and this will turn out to really work in your favor for as long as you are able to work things in the right way when it all comes down to it. Be open to learning new things. This is not the kind of thing that you should be upset about or scared about at all. for as long as you have all of the right things going for you, it shouldn’t be too much trouble at the end of the day and it is something that will really work out well for as long as you have things planned out the right way.

If you have several websites, merge them all in one all-inclusive website.

You can’t afford to have your traffic going all over the place especially If it is something that you are fairly new at. If you have a separate site for your blog and another one for your main website, it would probably turn out to be a really good idea if you go ahead and make sure that you get to merge them all in one site at the end of the day. This way, you don’t end up confusing the traffic that you get to generate for your content and for your brand in general. When it all comes down to it, you need to make sure that you have all of the variables working out for you the right way. You will only be able to go ahead and do this if you merge your sites accordingly and this is the kind of thing that you need to work on at some point or so. The merging of the website isn’t the hardest thing for you to work out in the world at all and this is something that you can work out the right way if you put your mind into it.

Nab a great domain name as much as possible.

You need to make sure that you have a pretty good domain name working out for you the right way. Go for something that is catchy and interesting to help have it catch out. One rich source of SEO tips for photographers is photoproseo.com.