Awesome Wedding Venues In UK


Highclere Castle, Newbury

wedding venues in UKGetting married in a castle is one of the first things that come to mind when people think about getting married in the UK and for a fairly good reason. There are so many beautiful and grand looking castles all around and this is really something that you can go ahead and take advantage of as a bride-to-be or as a groom-to-be. One of the most iconic castles that you should definitely have on your list of options when you are thinking about booking a castle in the UK is Highclere Castle. This is a castle that is set in Newbury.

One of the most notable things about this particular castle is the fact that this is actually the set of Downtown Abbey. What you need to know well ahead of time is the fact that you might need to book everything in advance. Another thing to remind yourself of time and time again is that you might need to prepare some serious bucks for a wedding venue such as this. Booking this castle exclusively is not something that will come cheap so come prepared and more than that make sure that you will always have the budget for something like this. It is beautiful and it is something that is so breathtakingly grandiose, you are bound to come up with something worthy of photos.

Tunnels Beaches, Devon

Do you have any fantasies of getting married by the beach? If yes, then Devon should be a town that you should consider especially if you are planning to get married at a seaside venue in the UK. Devon has always been a preference for seaside lovers from all over the place and this is something that you should always go ahead and take note of as much as possible. Tunnels beaches is one of the most iconic and most picturesque looking beaches in Devon. More than that, it is a venue that is actually well suited for a wedding. It has all of the right accommodations from hotels to restaurants and so on and so forth. You might need to shuttle back and forth if you would like to push for a church wedding but if you are fine with a civil wedding ceremony, then you certainly don’t have to go anywhere else because this venue is also licensed. This is something that will surely appeal to your inner sense of practicality and sensibility the entire time that you are trying to plan things out.

Forde Abbey, Dorset

If a lakeside kind of scene is something that appeals to you when you are out there and looking for a wedding venue in the UK, then Forde Abbey which is located in Dorset will turn out to be the perfect location for you to go ahead and opt for at the end of the day. there is something so incredibly calming and interesting about the aspect of booking and setting up a wedding venue somewhere that is scenic and somewhere that has a calm body of water somewhere in the property. With a tranquil lake, and gorgeous gardens, this abbey is the perfect backdrop for your day.

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The Importance of Sound in Videography


In videography, sound is one element that is often taken for granted, if not ignored altogether. With today’s video technology always incorporating sound technology like the built-in microphones found in many electronic video capturing devices, it is easy to understand why it is so. However, sound is a very important factor that can make or break the video as a whole. Even if the video is shot in high definition, if the sound quality is bad, your audience will not continue watching your video.


For a videographer or even for someone who likes to casually shoot short videos from time to time, there will be instances that the integrated sound technology of your device, whether it is a DSLR, camcorder, or mobile phone, would be lacking in providing the high quality sound that is desired for videos. Such sound technology can only do so much as it is prone to interference or perhaps the sound quality would not be on par as what you would like to have for your video.


In such cases, external technology, especially technology that is specifically dedicated to sound, connected to the video-capturing device is highly desired to better do the job. Such technology provides greater, clearer, and more defined sound quality that could minimize unnecessary elements that would otherwise ruin the sound quality.

Such technology mainly comes in the form of external microphones that are attached to the external mic jack or some other input port for the device to capture the sound the microphone captures. Depending on the need and situation, there are different types of microphones available that you use.

One of them is the lapel or lavalier mic which is the same type of microphone being used by news anchors. It has the advantage of having a small size and can be used discreetly.

Another type of external microphone is the boom microphone which captures the sound of its surroundings on a wider scale, thus providing a more defined sound of the environment. It is also prone to elements like winds that could cause interference to the sound. To minimize this issues, such microphones are placed with equipment called mufflers which sought to lessen interference from the elements.


The other type of microphone is the handheld microphone, which is somewhat the same one as TV reporters would use. But this microphone is also the most rarely used type, unless you are looking to do a news report type of video.

In the end, each microphone serves a different need and there is no best option among the three.  The choice is up to the end user as to which would serve his needs best. Nevertheless, each technology perform better than built-in microphones on devices and it is important to significantly invest on them.


While it is dependent on what type of microphone you will be using, the position of the microphone is nevertheless important. Whether you or a subject will be doing the talking, it is important that the microphone is placed nearby to capture the voice clearly. In some cases, the position of the microphone may not be able to capture the sound well. Thus, there may be a need to connect the mic to the boom pole and hover it over the subject without having the microphone be seen in the shot.

Testing Audio Quality

As we have determined how important sound is in the video, it is important that before video production, there would be tests made to check the sound and the overall audio quality, finding out if there are possible issues that need to be corrected before actual production to ensure that the video will have a good audio quality to it. Even during video production, it is a must to check the audio quality from time to time to make sure that it is not too loud or too soft and any unforeseen audio issues would be immediate addressed.

Sound plays an important part of your video than we normally thought. And if we aim to produce quality video content, extra time, effort, and resources are needed to be allotted than we normally do to ensure that the output being produced is of the best quality possible.


Great Tips In Planning A Wedding


Networking through vendors.

Cheshire wedding photographyLet one vendor lead you to the next and continue doing that until you have everything and everyone that you could ever need. It will be easier that way and it will require less effort on your end.

Lighten up the guest list.

You don’t need hundreds and hundreds of guests for the wedding. The smaller and the more intimate your wedding day will turn out to be, the better it will be for your wedding budget and for your wedding overall and this is something worth keeping in mind. Keep your circle small and valuable and you will have something so much more sensible to work with at the end of the day.

Want something? Then ask.

Dealing with professionals technically means that you are also dealing with businessmen and women and they are not only doing this because they are passionate about it but also because this is their livelihood. They might not be all that willing to dish out offers and discounts for you left and right until you actually get over your initial embarrassment and ask for it. It is a gamble, to say the least but one that will eventually pay off if you do it right. The point is, if you haven’t booked someone yet for Cheshire wedding photography, for example, they are going to want to get your business at some point or so and discounts aren’t always off the table when it comes to things like this. You should make it a point to ask though just so that they know what they are up against and whether or not they can make all of the right concessions when it all comes down to it.

Feed your crew.

If you want your wedding to pan out for you successfully, the first thing that you will need to understand when it comes to things like this is that you will be dependent on a lot of people from either the people who are close to you who will be doing you favors here and there leading up to the actual day of the wedding to the wedding vendors such as the professionals that you hire out for the food, for Cheshire wedding photography, for the dress, for the entertainment, for the venue, and so on and so forth. The thing is, even if you are paying for their services, you still need to make sure that you are a gracious host and that they will be happy and motivated during the time that they are there in your wedding.

Feed your crew and make sure that they are well taken care of and they will go above and beyond to deliver for you at the end of the day. it doesn’t have to be as expensive as what you are feeding out to the rest of the guests but it should still be visually appeasing and hearty at the same time. Discuss what your options are with your caterer and see how it all works out in your overall wedding budget. Planning things ahead of time can save you from a lot of trouble somewhere along the way.


5 Beginner Tips for Event Photography


event photographyBecoming an event photographer doesn’t mean that you’ll immediately be requested to take pictures of a big event done on a grand scale by a famous organizer. Your first job could less than a memorable event, but it’s your job to make sure that from then on, you’re taking pictures that can show as if it’s one and treasured by your clients.

Find out about the event

The first step is to get to know about the event you’re shooting. Whether it’s a house party of 7 people or a birthday party of no more than 20 people involved, find out about it. There might not be that much that you need to know; in a birthday, nothing matters but the person that is celebrating and direct family members.

Focus to do your best

As minor as the event could be, focus to do your best in taking the pictures. If it’s a birthday of a 5-year-old kid, you know those pictures will be treasured by the parents very much. If it’s a small event, it could be the birth of something big and it depends on whether or not you got great pictures that can be used to promote the event again next year.

No matter what it is, do your best. You never know which one will talk about you and bring you your next client. The first step to spread words about yourself is through the people that are satisfied with it and happy to talk about it with others.

Learn from professionals

Learning from the pro will also help you improve your skills in taking event pictures. For example, you can learn as an event photographer at www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com. Or, you can learn by spotting working professionals when you attend events.

Pay attention to key figures

Key figures are important people that made the event possible. They could be sponsors, renowned people, CEOs, etc. Check with your client who is these people.

Arriving early will give you the chance to take pictures of them when they arrive. Keep track of them while you take pictures of the event in the room. It’s especially important that you’re not taking pictures of them when they’re distracted. Take pictures from the right angle that shows you respect their attendance.

Keep your eye on key figures when the main event rolls. Capture their reactions as these pictures are most probably going to be used for future marketing purpose of the event.

Don’t distract others

Being enthusiastic is good. An event photographer has to have the spirit and work hard to capture great pictures. However, you need to really watch it when you’re aiming for a shot. You might be blocking the audiences’ view of the stage or even posing in an inappropriate manner in front of many people!

It’s important to note that your client can feel embarrassed with how you work. The job of a photographer that is always surrounded by a lot of people requires you to also act with manner.

Distraction can also happen when you’re not dressing appropriately. If it’s a casual event, come in casual clothing. But if it’s a gala dinner, you also need to come in at least semi-formal clothing.


How To Set Up Your Commercial Photo Shoot


Check out the theme or the outline.

Liverpool photographerBrainstorm for ideas and don’t be afraid to go to your team for a little bit of help on this. You need to know right out that you really are getting everything that you could possibly get your hands on for as far as the ideas and the creativity goes. Doing all this by yourself seems and sounds stressful simply because of the fact that it actually is and you need to do something about this. You don’t have to go through things like this all alone. You can come up with the concept with your team being looped in. make sure to listen to all of their suggestions as much as possible and don’t be too quick to just brush anything off to the side. Everything always sounds a little raw in the beginning but with a little bit of teamwork, you will surely be able to polish things up and eventually come up with something that is worth considering and worth regarding at the end of the day.

Discuss the budget at length.

You need to keep a tight leash on your costs or on your budget for the commercial photo shoot. It wouldn’t be easy but with a little bit of help and with a lot of discipline, this is the type of thing that you will be able to follow through with the right way across all accounts. Once you actually have a budget, you should always keep a constant and updated mental or physical tally of the expenses that go out the window. This way, you aren’t overspending nor are you underutilizing your funds for the commercial photo shoot that you have been planning out with your team.

Try to get professional talents.

It’s one thing to recruit friends who might have potential talent and completely another if you bring on people who are seasoned at what they do. It all depends on you in the long run but then again, professional is always the best way to go so keep that in mind.

Be present in the shoot.

As someone who is taking stock of the situation and who is organizing the entire commercial photo shoot in the first place, you need to know right out that you really are in control of the situation. It is best for you to work hand in hand with your Liverpool photographer about this and to make sure that things really are taking a turn for the best when it all comes down to it. There have been a lot of times wherein commercial photo shoots or sessions have failed tremendously costing the clients hundreds to thousands of dollars at a time just because there was a disconnect with what the clients want and with how the Liverpool photographer understood the inspiration pegs or the thoughts. Being present during the shoot will give you the opportunity to explain it in real time and to remedy the shoot without having to go through another one which not only saves time but lots and lots of money as well on your end.


Baby Photography: Tips and Tricks with Hanging Bags


baby photographyOne of parents’ favorite pose, hanging bags, is one of the hardest props to work within baby photography. Not only because it may require you to suspend their little on in the air, you also need to consider the risks, dangers and possible damage to your image. Some of you might doubt if you’ll ever use the prop ever.

Let us begin by telling you that using a hanging bag shouldn’t be this traumatizing!

Start by asking parents

Never assume that your parents are always okay with what you do. While the discussion is going on, ask the parents for his consent on using props that you know some have shown discomfort of. You want to know that your clients are okay with what you do with their child. While doing that, try not to act as if you’re scaring them. Simply explain that you respect parents’ concern and want to make sure of it.

You will be flustered if, on the day of photography, the parents suddenly show disapproving attitudes towards the use of the prop. You have to think of something else to use or a different method to deal with the hanging bag that parents won’t be worried with.

Learn the methods

Next, you need to practice the right methods of dealing with hanging bags. Now, there are no established rules on the use of this particular props, but there are organizations going against hanging your baby in mid-air. This means you don’t really hang them; you simply lay the bag on the floor with the baby inside. And then you take a picture of the bag hanging in the position that you want. The pictures will then be edited to make it look like the baby is hung in there.

If you want to actually use the bag with the baby in it, remember to put safety first. You can also learn from www.alanhutchison.co.uk on baby photography’s tips of safety. One way to stay safe is to have adults be ready around the baby and hanging bag. This will keep the situation under control even if something happens.

Practice for perfection

Nothing beats practicing whichever method you choose to use. If it’s editing, you may want to sit in front of your computer longer and try to create a seamless edit on the picture. If you want to do it live, use a figure to model the baby in the bag.

Practice can get boring, of course, but it’s always worth it. You shouldn’t risk doing it live, especially, if you have never practiced or gained a formal lesson in it. If something happens, it takes only one incident to bring your career down. Remember to put safety first!

Choosing the product

The hanging bags that you use should also pass the standards! You also wouldn’t use only a single bag for every baby photography; you need to have a wide variety of bag for different babies. Because you cannot show the exact same prop and poses to every potential client.

Just be reminded again that you don’t always need to do this pose! Some parents prefer something else whether it’s preferences or safety issue, so don’t force it to every client.


Choosing the Right Equipment for Sports Photography


Sports photography is one of the most exciting fields to cover as a photographer. Who would want to miss an opportunity to capture the action, the winning moments, and everything else in the thrilling world of sports? To manage to accomplish one such feat is an honor and privilege in itself as you get to see your photograph and the moment it captures, preserved for posterity and the appreciation of those who get to see it.

Considering the importance of sports photography, it is important that as a photographer, you should have the right equipment to do the job well. Admittedly, choosing the right equipment is a challenge in itself, especially if you have little idea as to what you would need in the first place. To help you make the right choices, here are some things you should be looking for in your sports photography equipment


By default, your camera should be a DSLR type so you can capture high quality images, not to mention make you look more professional. But you should not be looking for just any DSLR. A sports photographer should have a high-speed DSLR, one that can capture fast moving objects, in this case like the ones we see at many sports events. It is recommended that your DSLR should have a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second or higher.

In addition, your camera should have a fast servo motor that will let your camera solely focus on a certain subject even if the subject moves constantly, like a basketball player or football player during the game. Also, your camera should have a continuous shutter motor that allows you to take multiple frames per second, making sure every part of the action is captured and not miss what could be a winning shot, literally and figuratively.

If you can, try to invest in a second camera body that would be able to do the job in case your other camera is having issues with battery life or other issues that may arise in the middle of the job you’re doing as a photographer.


Depending on the sporting event you will be covering, the type of lens you will need would vary. Chances are, you will need one type of lens for some sports that will allow you to be near the playing area like basketball, volleyball, or other similar sports, while another lens for other sports that would require you to be at a safe distance from the playing area like football. In these cases, the lenses should a focal length of at least 50 mm and can be zoomed up to 300 mm or more.

In any case, as a sports photographer, you will need a wide variety of lenses for various events and situations that may arise. Try to invest in different lenses as much as possible, ranging from wide angle lens to a telephoto lens. Also remember to bring not just one lens with you at your photography work.

Other Equipment

A good photographer is someone who is well-prepared for any occasion. And there are those moments when you find yourself having little battery or storage left in the camera that would have caused you to panic. It is always a good idea to bring spare batteries and memory cards in your bag in case of such emergencies so you will be able to capture every moment.

Also, if the situation calls for it, bring a sturdy tripod with you to be able to capture the action better with the benefit of stability the tripod provides. Alternately, you can use a monopod to do the job if the tripod would be too bulky for you.

You may also need to have speed lights, as well as everything to hook them up, if you are covering big games or games being held indoors for some better lighting.

Never forget as well to have a rain cover to protect your gear if in case it rains at the venue. It is always better to be on the safe side than be sorry later with the expenses you would have to spend in fixing your equipment that got soaked in the rain.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the equipment you need and having them at your disposal at whatever sporting event you will cover is very important for sports photography. As long as you have the proper equipment for the game, you have at least taken a step forward in becoming a skilled sports photographer.